The Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program

Transform your strategic perspective, master blue ocean tools and frameworks, & learn to unlock new growth opportunities

Live virtual 5-week program for executives in charge of corporate strategy & innovation, leaders responsible for business growth, and strategy & innovation consultants.

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About the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program

Learn how to put blue ocean theory and its tools and frameworks into practice in just 5 weeks with our interactive, expert-led program. Designed for aspiring blue ocean practitioners seeking to understand how to create blue oceans of new market space in their organizations or for their clients.

In this dynamic 5-week program you'll dive into the world of Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift and be guided by a leading Senior Blue Ocean Strategy Expert with a proven track record at steering businesses from red oceans to blue oceans of new market space.

This official certified program is grounded and practical, bridging theory and practice.

Modelled after Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Shift, the seminal works of world-renowned professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, this immersive program will shift your strategic perspective and that of your organization or clients.

You’ll learn how to apply the concepts and tools to identify untapped demand and seize new opportunities in an ever-evolving business landscape; to break free from the traditional, competitive "red ocean" mindset, and cultivate the skills needed to create your own "blue oceans” or enable others to do so.

But more than that, through the blue ocean shift process, you'll learn how to inspire and build confidence in others, whether within your organization or your clients', enabling them to own and drive a new strategy.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program provides a proven, practical, and systematic framework for developing distinctive value propositions, capturing new demand, and breaking the value-cost trade-off –all essential elements for thriving in today's global economy.

The program is more than just a business course; it's an intellectual and strategic awakening for those ready to learn how to shape industries and redefine the rules of the game, and open themselves and their organizations or clients up to the opportunity for exponential growth by navigating blue oceans.

Blue Ocean Strategy: The Enduring Beacon of Innovation

Blue Ocean Strategy has taken the world by storm since it was first published in 2005. To date, it has sold more than 4 million copies and has been translated into record-breaking 47 languages.

Ever since, countless organizations have adopted the theory and applied it in their businesses, changing their growth trajectories.

In 2023, Blue Ocean Strategy was chosen as one of the three most important theories in the 100 years of Harvard Business Review’s publication.

The authors, Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, were selected as two of the four leading thinkers, along with Michael Porter for Competitive Strategy and the late Clayton Christensen for Disruptive Innovation.

In 2019, Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne were named the #1 Management Thinkers in the World by Thinkers50.

Sailing Towards Success

The Growing Importance of Blue Ocean Strategy in a Rapidly Changing World

In red oceans, companies compete for a greater share of shrinking demand. In the face of today’s global trends and technological developments, this competition is becoming even fiercer. The following developments underscore the urgent need for organizations across industries to shift from red oceans to blue oceans.

  • A World in Flux: Transforming the Business Landscape 

Dramatic shifts in technology and the global marketplace are having a profound impact on organizations. Whether they operate in the private, public or non-profit sectors, organizations need to rethink the way they do business. Organizations can no longer afford to build a strategy on existing environmental and industry conditions, but instead, shape them in their favor.

  • Innovative Solutions: The Key to Overcoming Business Challenges

Today, tighter profit margins, rising costs, stagnant or declining sales, inflationary pressures, and market share battles are hitting industries across the board. In these trying economic times, creativity and a shift in thinking are vital to achieving innovation at lower costs, transforming innovative solutions from a luxury to a necessity.

  • The Global Demand for High-Value, Low-Cost Blue Ocean Solutions

The current economic climate amplifies the need for solutions that deliver exceptional value at low cost as organizations and customers worldwide seek to maximize value for money. Organizations need to shift focus to building growth resilience through a balanced portfolio of market-creating moves.

The Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner program offers a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to gain not only a deep understanding of the ground-breaking blue ocean concepts, but also to acquire the practical skills necessary for their real-world application.

By providing a comprehensive methodology, tools, and frameworks, this highly sought-after program empowers participants to create their own blue oceans, breaking free from the limitations of red oceans and charting a course toward lasting success.

Who Benefits Most from the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program?

The Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program is tailored to the needs of ambitious but busy professionals eager to harness the transformative power of blue ocean strategy. This group program will help you understand how to approach strategic challenges within your or your clients' organizations.

The program is especially beneficial for:

CEOs & SME Business Owners

CEOs and Business owners of SMEs responsible for business growth who strive to create exceptional value with limited resources, empowering their companies to leave the competition behind.

Corporate Executives

Senior executives such as division or functional heads overseeing strategy and/or innovation in their organizations, seeking to launch new product lines or services, or re-envision their existing offerings, and revitalize their career prospects.

Consultants and Coaches

Strategy & innovation consultants and CEO coaches who are determined to drive tangible results for their clients by deploying the principles and methodology of blue ocean strategy.

You'll Be in Great Company

Connect with a diverse group of international business leaders, including CEOs, business owners, and top executives—who are dedicated to driving sustainable growth within their organizations. This is your opportunity to engage with peers who are serious about making a significant impact, share innovative ideas, and discover how blue ocean strategy can be applied in any industry and help you in your current or future role.

Past participants include:

From Theory to Practice

How the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program Works

5-week program structure

The program's structure is meticulously designed to facilitate an engaging learning experience, seamlessly connecting theoretical understanding with practical application.

Throughout the program, participants will delve into the real-world applications of blue ocean strategy, finding answers to their most pressing questions about its practical implementation.



Complete the Blue Ocean Sprint online course before the first session of the program. Access to the online course is part of the program and will be shared upon enrollment.



Blue Ocean Shift

1. Fundamentals of Market-Creating Strategy

2. Reimagine Customers

3. Reimagine Price & Value

4. Reimagine Competition


Step one: Get started

1. Choosing the right place to start

2. Constructing the right blue ocean team

Step two: Understand where you are now

1. Getting clear about the current state of play


Step three: Imagine where you could be

1. Uncovering the hidden pain points that limit the size of your industry

2. Discovering an ocean of noncustomers


Step four: Find out how you get there

1. Reconstructing market boundaries systematically

2. Developing alternative blue ocean opportunities


Step five: Make your move

1. Selecting your blue ocean move and conducting rapid market tests

2. Finalizing and launching your blue ocean move

Strategically Advance Your Business in 5 Weeks

There's no better way to grasp blue ocean strategy than applying it to a real-life scenario—your business.

Over the course of this intensive five-week program, you will actively apply the blue ocean process to your business or the business of your choice, step by step.

Not only will you receive feedback from the program instructor, but you will also gain valuable insights from your peers throughout the program. This collaborative environment fosters exponential learning, exposing you to diverse applications of the blue ocean process across multiple industries and sectors. This experience will train you to look at problems through a blue ocean lens and drive your business forward.

Find out if the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program is right for you


Meet people like you

Connect Inside the Blue Ocean Practitioners' Community

Connect with your peers and build lasting relationships, broadening your network.

Get your most pressing questions answered and gain clarity on the concepts discussed during the live sessions by engaging in the community between the sessions.

Learn from others’ questions and experiences, enriching your own understanding and perspective.

Program Dates and Schedule

The Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program unfolds over five weeks. Each live session lasts 90 minutes. 

Usually, participants spend 2 to 5 hours per week working on assignments between sessions.


Six consecutive Tuesdays

April 30 – May 7 – May 14 – May 21 – May 28 – June 4 

Los Angeles – 8:00 am | New York – 11:00 am | London – 4:00 pm | Paris – 5:00 pm| Dubai – 7:00 pm| Mumbai – 8:30 pm | Singapore – 11.00 pm


Time zones:

Asia and Oceania


 August 6 – August 13 – August 20 – August 27 – September 3 – Plus September 10 (bonus session) 

Jakarta - 08:00 am | Singapore - 9:00 am | Seoul - 10:00 am | Tokyo - 10:00 am | Sydney - 11:00 am | Auckland - 1:00 pm


Time zones:

Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa


 October 15 – October 22 – October 29 – November 5* – November 12 – Plus November 19 (bonus session)

Los Angeles – 8:00 am | New York – 11:00 am | London – 4:00 pm | Paris – 5:00 pm| Dubai – 7:00 pm| Mumbai – 8:30 pm


 * Daylight savings time ends. The program’s start time will adjust towards 8am PST time for Nov 5, Nov 12, Nov 19 sessions.

Program Fees & Enrollment Details

Most suitable for Asia and Oceania time zones


USD $5,000

Before July 9


USD $6,000

July 10 - July 21


USD $7,000

From July 22

đź’Ą The August program is now open for enrollment đź’Ą

This program is designed for a small group and has limited seats. Enrollment will close when capacity is reached.


A non-refundable deposit of USD 1,000 is required to secure your seat in the program. The deposit is then applied towards the full fee. The remaining balance will be due in July

Schedule a 15-minute chat to learn if the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program is right for you

 Past Participant's Experience

Martin Hurych

Business Coach, Czech Republic

"The Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program was an enlightening journey for me. The instructor's feedback throughout the course was a highlight, providing deep insights that enriched my learning.

Delving into the Blue Ocean Strategy, the program expanded my understanding of innovative business strategies and equipped me with tools to approach market challenges creatively. This newfound knowledge has been invaluable, particularly in offering innovative solutions to my clients.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program to anyone seeking to enhance their strategic thinking and business innovation skills. It was an invaluable experience that has significantly contributed to my professional growth."

The Benefits of the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program

Attending the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner program offers participants a wide range of benefits, designed to shift perspective, and approach business problems differently. These advantages include:

New Insight

Acquire a deep understanding of the application of Blue Ocean Strategy & Blue Ocean Shift methodology, including its core concepts, tools, and frameworks, as developed by renowned professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

Proven Process

Master The Five Steps to Making a Blue Ocean Shift - a systematic step-by-step process of exploring blue ocean opportunities and how to execute them with a team.

Real-World Application

Engage with case studies and hands-on exercises that illuminate the real-life successes of organizations that have harnessed the power of blue ocean strategy.

Unique Differentiation

Learn to break away from the traditional, competition-driven mindset, and discover how to create uncontested market spaces that deliver unique value to customers and noncustomers.

Strategic Mindset

Learn how to define, reframe, and solve problems differently to create a game-changing and scalable new growth opportunity. Master practical tools for identifying new opportunities, crafting value propositions that deliver both differentiation and low cost, and capturing untapped demand.

Network Expansion

Connect with like-minded professionals, fostering relationships that will enrich your professional journey and provide opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Lasting Impact

Implement the lessons learned in the program to drive transformative change within your organization or with your clients, spurring sustainable growth and fostering an innovative, forward-thinking culture.

In-Demand Certificate

Gain credibility within your organization or among your clients by earning a highly regarded credential that attests to your understanding of blue ocean strategy, its tools and frameworks, and how to apply them in practice, boosting your reputation as an innovative thinker.

Earning Distinction

The Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Certificate

On successfully completing the program, you will be awarded the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Certificate, which officially recognizes your understanding of the blue ocean strategy frameworks and your knowledge of how to apply the principles of blue ocean and its tools to real-world business challenges.

The certificate is conferred by the Blue Ocean Academy, the only authorized certification center under the Blue Ocean Global Network—founded by the authors of Blue Ocean Strategy, Blue Ocean Shift, and Beyond Disruption, Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

Elevate Your Professional Standing

The Blue Ocean Strategy Certificate Boosts Credibility and Career Opportunities

Earning the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Certificate offers professionals an indisputable advantage.

As part of this achievement, graduates will be featured on our website, on a dedicated page listing Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioners who have completed the program. 

This visibility not only allows you to stand apart but also amplifies opportunities for career advancement and enhances prospects for lucrative business opportunities.

By completing the program, the graduates signal their commitment to having learned how to apply the theory, tools, and frameworks to real-world business challenges. 

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your professional stature and join the ranks of the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioners elite.*

*See FAQs for more details.


Amplify Your Impact

Access Exclusive Resources

In addition to the invaluable knowledge, insights, and skills gained through the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner program, participants will receive an array of bonus materials post-program completion designed to further enrich their journey and facilitate the implementation of blue ocean concepts:

The Blue Ocean Practitioners’ Space

Blue Ocean Practitioners’ Space is the ultimate member-only platform for professionals looking to apply blue ocean strategy in their organizations or with their clients. As a practitioner, you understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest blue ocean materials and developments. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a multitude of resources designed to help you on your blue ocean journey.

Inside the Practitioners’ Space, you’ll find:

  • Blue Ocean Leadership for Change – a self-assessment diagnostic tool to help assess the need for change in an organization
  • Slide decks on the most popular blue ocean case studies and short videos accompanying them
  • A collection of Blue Ocean Exercise Templates to enhance collaboration and strategic exploration with your team or clients
  • The Confidence-Competence Map with guidance, a sneak peek preview from the new book, Beyond Disruption to assess if the innovation or new market creation initiative is on track to succeed
  • Plus new materials will be added to the Practitioners’ Space as they get developed.

Blue Ocean Sprint Online Course

Two complimentary subscriptions to our flagship Blue Ocean Sprint online course, valued at USD 994 – essential for sharing the transformative experience with your team or clients.

In a world driven by cutthroat competition, the Blue Ocean Sprint online course offers a refreshing perspective on business strategy. By breaking away from the confines of conventional thinking, this course encourages a paradigm shift. The course is the perfect starting point for individuals and teams looking to delve into this groundbreaking approach.

From Blue Ocean to Beyond Disruption – a webinar recording with Renee Mauborgne

Watch this webinar to hear how Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne's research led them to discover the missing half of innovation. Hear what Beyond Disruption is all about from the authors.

Hybrid Experiential Learning

The program starts with self-paced access to our flagship Blue Ocean Sprint online course.  

This is followed by five modules, each of which features a highly interactive 90-minute online session led by a skilled instructor taking you through thought-provoking case studies. 

Following each module, participants are tasked with completing assignments prior to the subsequent week's session.   

In between the sessions, participants interact and stay connected in the Blue Ocean Practitioners’ Community.  

With a strong emphasis on applying blue ocean strategy to business scenarios, the program ensures that participants gain the knowledge necessary to navigate organizations through blue ocean strategy implementation. 

To maintain a highly interactive environment, participants work in small groups. 

Leveraging the power of an online collaboration platform, each session is delivered in an accessible and dynamic format, allowing for a truly immersive educational experience. 

Meet Your Guide to Blue Ocean Mastery

The Program Instructor

Embarking on the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program, participants will be expertly guided by a seasoned program instructor—a Certified Senior Blue Ocean Strategy Expert Practitioner. Equipped with a wealth of practical experience, the instructor has successfully navigated organizations from red oceans to blue oceans and possesses the keen ability to translate complex concepts into actionable insights.

Their exceptional acumen and expansive knowledge of the blue ocean frameworks are matched only by their passion for teaching and dedication to their participants’ success. As a skilled facilitator, the instructor seamlessly weaves together case studies, interactive discussions, and real-world examples to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Under the guidance of this accomplished strategist, you will be inspired to challenge conventional wisdom, embrace value innovation, and discover the transformative power of blue ocean strategy in your own professional pursuits.

Program Fees & Enrollment Details

Most suitable for Asia and Oceania time zones


USD $5,000

Before July 9


USD $6,000

July 10 - July 21


USD $7,000

From July 22

đź’Ą The August program is now open for enrollment đź’Ą

This program is designed for a small group and has limited seats. Enrollment will close when capacity is reached.


A non-refundable deposit of USD 1,000 is required to secure your seat in the program. The deposit is then applied towards the full fee. The remaining balance will be due in July

Schedule a 15-minute chat to learn if the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner Program is right for you

Cancellation Policy

While we're really counting on you attending the program and learning all the knowledge it contains to shift from red to blue oceans, sometimes unexpected twists and turns come up. If that's the case, here is our cancellation policy. 

A non-refundable deposit of USD 1,000 is required to secure your spot in the program. The deposit is then applied towards the full fee.

The full fee minus the non-refundable deposit is subject to the following refund schedule:

If the refund is requested by:

  • June 15 – Full refund minus the non-refundable deposit
  • June 30 – 50% refund minus the non-refundable deposit
  • After July 10 – no refunds will be made

After July 10, no refunds will be made, but you'll have the first spot for the next course dates. You can also substitute your participation with another team member.

The Blue Ocean Global Network reserves the right to cancel the course at its discretion, in which case full refunds will be made.

*If you find yourself unable to attend the program after making the deposit, the deposit is non-refundable, but you can use it towards the subscription to the Blue Ocean Sprint online course.

Unleashing Potential

Mastering Blue Ocean Strategy for Lasting Success 

Armed with the insights gained from the Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner program, participants can begin to:

  1. Pioneer New Markets: Boldly navigate and capitalize on untapped market spaces, steering clear of fierce competition and redefining industry boundaries with innovative strategies.

  2. Drive Organizational Transformation: Foster a culture of value innovation within their organizations, fueling sustainable growth and future-proofing their enterprises.

  3. Deliver Impactful Solutions: Apply the blue ocean framework to solve complex business challenges, creating exceptional value for clients and stakeholders, and solidifying their status as strategic visionaries.

Real-Life Business Breakthroughs through Blue Ocean Strategy

CitizenM: Creating a New Market Space in the Highly Competitive Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is extremely overcrowded, so how did citizenM stand apart? Co-founder of citizenM, Michael Levie, explains how a blue ocean shift led the hotel chain to occupancy rates of 90% while enjoying 40% lower costs and the highest guest-ranking scores in the industry by opening up the market space of affordable luxury hotels.

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Wawa: Achieving Explosive Growth through Blue Ocean Shift

When Wawa found itself in a 'red ocean' of competition following the financial crisis in 2007/8, it changed strategy; it made a blue ocean shift.

Howard Stoeckel, Vice Chairman and former CEO of Wawa, explains how the company went from being a gas station and convenience store that happened to sell food to a restaurant that happened to sell fuel and convenience goods to more than 600 million customers a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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